Why I like The Donald

Even as a bald man, I wouldn’t really want Donald’s hair. But I like him; I like him the way I like a Godzilla movie because the popcorn is good and I still have power and heat to stay warm in winter. And I can say that, because I live in Canada.

He says what everyone else is thinking

Well, he does say a lot, though definitely not what I am thinking. But to know that a lot of folks out there think that, suggests that they were thinking that. It reminds me of Marty and Rust, from True Detective, talking about religious zealots by the tent. Sometimes it’s worth knowing your neighbor. And when your neighbor starts taking out that white robe in daytime you can move before getting surprised by the pointy hats at night.

The Left doesn’t get it

The Left, informed by their well researched journalism and stupid academia, thinks that they have it all figured out and we just need to go along. The failure of the left is to be as short sighted and narrow-minded as what they are blaming the right for being. It is a reflex, I know — having read a lot I think I am smarter than everyone and think that my “facts” make sense, and my argument is well formed, and that somehow, if people would just listen, we can get this shit out the door. But guess what: ain’t nobody give a fuck about your facts. The Donald proved it. It was the most attended inauguration. Shit, they faked the moon landing and you give me a god damn static picture and want me to believe?

You can’t lecture the hungry

I never attended a lecture at University without a snack. A grumbling stomach won’t help learning, and a donut fueled sugar rush will prevent me from snoring with my big nose. But the truth is, if you can’t get your fill, climate change just doesn’t matter. Tons have lost their jobs with the recession, and very few have gotten them back. Most of America is underemployed, and the “unemployment rate” is a statistical trick invented by statisticians so they can have a job. Sure, America is doing better now than in 2008 or 2009, but probably not as good as in 2002 or 2003. American industry has shifted and when the recession hit jobs evaporated — they didn’t just go to Mexico and the Philippines, they no longer exist. Supply chains have been re-engineered for cost savings and robots have become cheaper than human labor. Obama, was a great orator, and though I never met him, I am sure he is an excellent human being (I’d take his hair), but except giving health care to a few millions who didn’t have it, his policies didn’t really turn the heart of the country around. We can all say Republicans were preventing him and all that, but the reality of having the top job is that you have no excuses. America has spoken, and they have spoken by saying they don’t want more of the same.

Rest assured, America isn’t full of racist

Sure, the Donald employed bigoted, sexist speak. Xenophobic, fascist. But before we equate Donald to Hitler and other dictators, we need to also revisit the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler didn’t just come out hating Jews out of a vacuum. It was in fashion to hate Jews at the time and he was just saying what everyone was thinking. Germany was economically crippled and the German population was disenfranchised, legally bound to pay England and France until kingdom come. Hitler promised to make Germany great again — the Third Reich was supposed to last a 1000 years.

And he made Germany great again. After being elected the first time he engineered such a massive change in German industry, that not only was every German no longer hungry, there was also pride to being German again. Except for those who cared about their moral integrity, and Jews, who were German, but not really, just like homeless people, and the disabled, who were also not really German.

So these xenophobic, racists are not ignorant dum-dums, they are people who have been convinced that for white Americans to do well, they need less non-whites. It’s white affirmative action. It’s racist, but it is mostly a sense of desperation. America isn’t racist, it is desperate. And Donald knows the desperate or else the pussy grabbing would have ended with a kick in the crotch 50 years ago.

The only problem with Hitler, for the Germans, was that he never had a plan for a great country. His policies were that of a virus. A successful virus destroys the host, which Hitler did. And just to be clear, the host is America, in case you are not a left-wing, elitist, liberal and didn’t get what I was doing there.

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(Also, no facts were consulted during writing of this great, tremendous essay)



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